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Best Schools in the Greater Boston area

The Greater Boston area is known to have one of the best school system in the country.

Each of the sources below rank the public schools based on different criteria. But the cities with great schools come often at the top of the list.


However, it can be extremely expensive to buy a home in a top school district (think Brookline).

As you're on a real estate website, I'd have to give you my top pick of cities with great schools and relatively affordable homes:


Town School Rating Lifestyle Rating Average home price
Natick 7.5 (School District Ratings) A+ ( $566,400
Hopkinton 7 (School District Ratings) A+ ( $577,600
Stow 8 (School District Ratings) A+ ( $507,800
Wayland 8.5 (School District Ratings) A+ ( $711,500
Acton 8 (School District Ratings) A+ ( $581,400




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